Is MetaBot ready for use?

Yes, our bot has been put into use by our community and is still being developed.

What are the transaction taxes?

The transaction tax when using MetaBot is only 0.40%, which is the lowest tax among all bots.

What are the next plans for the development of the MetaBot project?

First of all, we plan the long-term development of the project. We develop every possible feature and add new ones. In addition, we strive to cooperate with top CEXs in the form of listing our token, but also in partnership.

Do you have Revenue Sharing?

Yes! We definitely share the revenue that our project generates and give it to our Community in the form of high-staking rewards. Our staking platform offers pairs of various tokens such as USDT, ETH, BNB, or METABOT. Rewards on USDT are up to 0.84% of the stacked amount.

How can I use your bot?

It's easy! Search for @MetaBlockchainBot on Telegram and click start, and our bot will guide you further.

What is the address of your token?

Our token address is: 0x00

Is the liquidity pool locked?

Of course! Our liquidity pool is fully locked.

How many people are in your team?

Our team consists of 8 people, including the owner, designer, frontend developer, 2 backend developers, community manager, brand manager, and server admin.

What is your starting budget?

We have $75k for development, maintenance of our team, and marketing, which will be fully used. Further development funds will come from our bot's revenue and taxes.

How can I join your team?

Our team consists of extremely well-coordinated people, which is why we do not conduct direct recruitment for new positions, but we highly recommend being an active part of our community and, over time, we will probably find a job option just for you.

Will we find MetaBot at the crypto fair?

Definitely yes! We are planning our first participation in crypto events right after the start, and it will probably be a conference in Dubai!

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