🔦Token Scan

The token scan is a rigorous scan of the project by its address. Our bot will check thoroughly:

Tokenomics: We will present a chart in which the project's tokenomics will be adequately described and how much it may affect the current price of a given project when, for example, the team sells the allocation intended for the team or the sale of tokens by the largest wallet. In this way, we will protect each of our users against a possible price drop, and, above all, we will inform them about the possible investment risk.

Anti-Rug: The bot will carefully check whether the contract of a given project has unwanted functions that may cause a sudden drop in price or any blocking of tokens or sales options. These will include functions for changing taxes above 10%, transaction limits, blacklist, trading disabling, mint function for new tokens, and much more. Our users will receive a full report and assessment of the risk scale of a given token.

LP - burned or locked: LP locked or burned is the basis of every project that wants to ensure the safety of its investors. We will check whether the LP of a given project has been locked or burned.

Taxes: Indicator of the current taxes and what maximum taxes can be set by the developer. To avoid unwanted changes.

Owner-Analysis: Analysis of the token deployer (project owner) can be very useful. Based on the projects previously completed by this person, we can deduce how much experience they have in running projects and whether previous projects were successful and safe for investment.

Marketing analysis: We will check the exact marketing channels of the project and how large is its marketing budget. This is very important if we are aiming for a long-term project with a secure financial basis that can ensure long-term price increases.

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